Aurora Cichlid Tank Requirements and Care


Aurora Cichlid Tank Requirements and Care

The Tropheops sp aurora, Pseudotropheus aurora, Maylandia aurora, or Metriaclima aurora is more commonly known as the aurora cichlid. It is an incredibly attractive species with blue and yellow coloration, making it an incredible addition to any aquarium. The Pseudotropheus aurora origins are eastern coast of Mozambique and Likoma Island.

Auroras require some special tank requirements and care to remain healthy and happy. For instance, they can be highly aggressive and territorial, so you must apply special care when determining the best tank mates. If you intend to keep them, here is a comprehensive guide on their care and tank requirements.

How Big do Aurora Cichlids Get

The aurora cichlids have a flattened lateral and high body. In a fish tank, a full-grown aurora cichlid can grow between 9-11cm. On the other hand, the aurora cichlid size can extend to 12.5cm in the wild. In most cases, the male will grow bigger than the female. A mature male aurora cichlid can grow up to 4 inches and displays a blue body complexion with yellow spots around the throat area.

Are Aurora Cichlids Aggressive

The cichlid species can be very aggressive, especially if you place them in the same tank as other vulnerable fish. Also, if you provide a small-sized aurora cichlid tank, there is a high chance of aggression in the tank.

Providing a large tank with sufficient rock coverage is the best way to ensure reduced aggression. The rocks will provide other tank mates with a haven from aggression as they can act as hiding places. Also, provide a high

population of suitable tank mates in the fish tank to distribute the aggression.
Suitable aurora cichlid tank mates are other African Cichlids that have a similar size to the aurora one. You can consider having catfish and other species from lake Malawi Mbuna as tank mates.

Aurora cichlid, Tropheops sp aurora, Pseudotropheus aurora, Maylandia aurora, or Metriaclima aurora.

How Many Aurora Cichlids Can Be Kept Together

Generally, the aurora cichlids are highly aggressive, making them uncomplete for novice fish keepers. Therefore, the decision of how many to keep in the same tank should be made carefully. The general rule is to keep one male and three to four females in the same tank. Also, you can opt to keep two males and seven females. As you can note, the number of females is higher than that of males. It is because males are more aggressive and territorial than females. Thus, controlling the number of males in the same tank reduces aggression.

What do Aurora Cichlids Eat

Generally, the aurora cichlids are omnivorous in nature, so you should limit their diet to vegetarian foods. One incredible thing about auroras is that they are easy to feed and have a voracious appetite. They will accept any suitable food you offer.

Some foods to provide them include; cichlid pallets, blanched peas, granular foods, chopped zucchini, and spirulina flakes. You can also give them vegetable matter like romaine lettuce, blanched spinach, and cucumber on a regular basis. Make sure to provide them with a varied diet.

One important thing to note about the aurora cichlid is that they are susceptible to bloating. Therefore, ensure you do not overfeed them and only provide what they can digest. Also, animal-rich proteins can cause bloating, which is fatal to the aurora cichlids. Make sure you are careful with the feeding process to guarantee healthy fish.

What Size Tank for Aurora Cichlids

The auroras do not tolerate any intrusion in their living environment, which can lead to heated fights in the tank. The fights can either lead to death or the submission of the other tank mate.

Therefore, providing an adequate aurora cichlid tank size is the best solution. If you intend to keep one male and two to three females, the minimum tank size should be at least 29 gallons. However, get a larger tank if you plan to keep many tank mates. Remember that with very aggressive fish, the larger the tank, the more reduced aggression in the tank. Thus, always increase the tank size with the number of aurora cichlid you intend to keep.

What are the Best Water Parameters for Aurora Cichlids

Apart from a suitable tank size, the right water parameters in your tank are also essential. They can ensure that your fish thrives. In general, the aurora cichlids live in water areas with high alkalinity and pH. The high pH ensures they have excellent oxygenation, which helps them survive, thrive and be healthy. Otherwise, any traces of toxic compounds such as nitrogen in the water can be extremely unhealthy for your fish.

The ideal water temperature for the aurora cichlid should range between 75 and 79° F. An ideal temperature will help optimize your fish’s reproduction. When it comes to pH, the ideal range is between7.5-8.5. Therefore, avoid soft or low-pH water if you keep the aurora cichlids. Water with a lower pH can make your fish stressed and vulnerable to diseases.

Summing it Up

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