Demasoni Cichlid


Pseudotropheus sp. Demasoni (Pombo Rocks)

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The Demasoni Cichlid is a relatively new Cichlid from the Pombo Rocks area of Lake Malawi in Africa. It is unique fish and a great choice for a home aquarium as long as a few guidelines are followed. Hobbyists will enjoy the vibrant colors and distinct markings of our healthy stock of Pseudotropheus Demasoni.

Small But Aggressive:

In the wild, they live in large schools and travel together, so a similar set up in a home aquarium is recommended. The Demasoni is a small fish only growing to 2 3/4 inches, which means it can be raised in a smaller tank. However, as a dwarf Mbuna, a larger tank, is always a better choice. They are an aggressive fish and should be kept in groups of 6 or more to reduce the aggression. If other species of fish are to be kept in the same tank they should have different colors to minimize the risk of aggressive behavior.

Special Care:

Like other lake Malawi Mbuna, these cichlids prefer a

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