About Us

About Live FIsh Direct

For over 27 years Live FIsh Direct has been breeding and selling premium strains of freshwater tropical fish to hobbyists all across the US. Josh Davis, owner and president of Live FIsh Direct has an extensive background in the aquarium fish industry and has used his experience and expertise to become the trend setter in the industry. Live FIsh Direct was the first aquarium fish hatchery to develop a system for packing and shipping live tropical fish across the US while maintaining the health and premium quality of the fish.

At Live FIsh Direct we own hatcheries in the Salt Lake Valley and Idaho, We breed select species of freshwater aquarium fish and sell them to you, the hobbyist. This preserves the health and quality of the fish by eliminating much of the additional shipping and handling between retailers and eventually you, the consumer. What this means is that you can buy premium quality tropical fish and have them shipped directly to your front door while reducing stress and preserving the health of the fish.

The main focus of Live FIsh Direct is African cichlids, however, we do carry other species of South American cichlids, catfish, plecos and various other tropical fish and aquatic animals. You can sign up for notifications of when we have updated our inventory and check our website frequently for new species or premium (full-color) adult cichlids to become available.