Electric Yellow Cichlid

Electric Yellow Cichlid


Labidochromis Caeruleus (Lions Cove)

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( 1.25-1.5" )

Stage 3 - Color Morph

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Stage 3 - Color Morph
Juvenile 1.25-1.5"
Stage 4 - Guaranteed Pretty Color
Premium Unsexed 1.5-1.75"


Outstanding and unique in color these Electric Yellow Cichlids should be in every African Cichlid tank no matter what.

Electric Yellow Labs vary drastically in quality and have been ruined by foreign breeders, however we take pride in our strain of Labidochromis Caeruleus and know you will be pleased. Keep in mind that these are not the “Solid Electric Yellow” in which the females and the juveniles do not have barring. In order for that strain to exist the fish were actually cross bred with Red Zebras. Please do not confuse this with our “Lions Cove” variety. Our juveniles have barring and females might have a little as well. However our Males turn out beautiful just like the one pictured and as the females age their bars will disappear completely as well.

Feeding Your Labidochomis Caeruleus

In the wild, Electric Yellow Cichlids are omnivores, feeding on small aquatic invertebrates. To maintain their bright colors they should

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