Synodontis multipunctatus "Cuckoo Catfish"

Synodontis multipunctatus

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This beautiful catfish is endemic to lake Tanganyika. Here, it natively lives with the African cichlids. They get along with one another very well, almost too well.

This species loves to be in large groups, this is how they are found in the lake. In the home aquarium they do best in groups of three or more. We have kept them singly, but they tend to be very shy when kept this way.

Multi Cats enjoy a variety of different foods. Here we like to feed them frozen brine shrimp, Plankton Gold, Algae Wafers, and blood worms.

One of the reasons these catfish get along so well with cichlids is their unique breeding behavior. Part of this odd behavior is using cichlids as the foster parents for their fry.

Because these fish natively live with cichlids they will mix into almost any cichlid tank. The only thing to keep in mind is you do not want to mix

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