Pseudotropheus socolofi

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Chindongo Socolofi: The Mesmerizing Blue Delight from Lake Malawi

Introducing the Chindongo Socolofi, a spectacular addition to the freshwater aquarium realm. Originally described as Pseudotropheus socolofi, this enchanting species showcases the brilliance and diversity of the underwater world of Lake Malawi.

Key Features:

Historical Context: First described by Donald Johnson in 1974, Chindongo Socolofi, originally under the label of Pseudotropheus socolofi, was named in honor of Ross Socolof for his significant contributions to the knowledge of aquarium fishes.

Appearance: With a gleaming blue hue similar to the cobalt blue morph of P. zebra, Chindongo Socolofi stands out with its distinctive white fin edging and lack of black submarginal and interradial markings. The anterior teeth of this species form a uniform row, setting it apart from similar species.

Size: In the wild, male Chindongo socolofi grow up to 2.8 inches in length, while females tend to be slightly smaller at around 2.5 inches. In captivity, they can attain a size of 6 inches or more.

Distribution: Native to Lake Malawi, particularly the central eastern shore in Mozambique, from Cobwé to Tumbi Point.

Habitat: Prefers sediment-free rocks between depths of 10 to 50 feet but can also adapt to sediment-rich zones. They often appear solitary, foraging individually rather than in groups.

Feeding Habits: Avid grazers, they pick food from aufwuchs on the rocks. Avoid feeding them Tubifex worm or beef heart, instead opting for good quality flake food, frozen food like krill and plankton.

Breeding: Exhibits fascinating mouth-brooding behavior, with females incubating eggs and larvae for up to three weeks. Upon releasing their offspring, females tend to lose some of their vibrant blue color.

Aquarium Care:

A minimum 53-gallon community tank is ideal for the Chindongo Socolofi. If housing a male with multiple females, a 40-gallon tank should suffice. Ensure ample hiding or spawning sites by arranging rocks or pipes, mimicking their natural rocky habitat.

Water quality is essential. Maintain a pH between 7.0 and 8.5 and a temperature between 73°F and 82°F. Given their slightly aggressive nature, it’s advised not to keep more than one male in the same tank. A diverse tank with several mbuna species can help diffuse territorial disputes.

Conservation Status: Classified as ‘Least Concern’ by the IUCN Red List (2018), Chindongo socolofi is common in its native range, spanning about 18.6 miles of the Mozambique coast.

Trivia: The species was previously exported under the name “Pseudotropheus Pindani”, in honor of James Pindani, a prominent figure in the fish exporting world from Lake Malawi.

With its captivating blue hue, intriguing breeding behavior, and rich history, Chindongo Socolofi offers both novice and seasoned aquarists a slice of Lake Malawi’s aquatic wonder. Whether you’re expanding your cichlid collection or looking for a standout species, this delightful fish promises a world of enchantment. Dive into the mesmerizing waters of Lake Malawi with Chindongo Socolofi!

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