Red Zebra


Metriaclima estherae

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Stage 3 - Color Morph
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The bright color of Red Zebra cichlids make them a great addition to any African cichlid tank.

The Metriaclima estherae or Red Zebra cichlid is a stunning fish that many owners of home aquariums adore. These lake Malawi Mbuna are lively, slightly aggressive and engaging to observe. Darker orange in the wild, the males are slightly larger and often display red stripes. Red Zebra are the brightest colored fish you will find. They add a great contrast to all other fish and are great in a assorted group of lake Malawi Mbuna.

Since Red Zebra cichlids are territorial and aggressive, it is recommended that in captivity you keep only one male for five or six females. These fish grow to an average size of five inches. A tank of at least 30 gallons is recommended.

To get the brightest colors in your Red Zebra cichlids we suggest feeding them our premium tropical flake

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