Williamsi Makonde Blue Lips

Pseudotropheus sp. “Williamsi North”

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General Information & Care

The Williamsi Makonde Blue Lips Cichlid is another species that is captive bred, that is, raised in conservations and aquariums widely which makes the fish widely available for buyers. Males are easy to spot, in a bold shade of yellow with a recognizable blue tail and- as their name implies- blue lips. The result seems like a stripe or sandwiching of color. The females of this African Cichlid species are typically a brown-yellow color with juvenile spotting still visible to the eye. Don’t be fooled by their visual beauty- Blue Lips Cichlids are aggressive, so set up the habitat accordingly.

Additional Information & Care

Some other things to know about the Williamsi Makonde Blue Lips Cichlid, or ‘Blue Lips’, include:

  • Size: A maximum of 7” long, typically.
  • Habitat: Blue Lips Cichlids originate from Lake Malawi, Africa.
  • Temperature: Warm water, from mid-70s to low-80s, Fahrenheit. Water pH should range 7.5-8.4.
  • Pairings: Blue Lips Cichlids are compatible with other Mbuna Cichlids, including Melanochromis, Pseudotropheus, and Metriaclima. For great tank mates, pair Blue Lips Cichlids with Yellow Dingani, Red Top Hongi, and Electric Blue Maingano Cichlids, specifically.
  • Diet: Blue Lips Cichlids do best on a fish flake or pellet food that is low in protein.

Since the Blue Lips Cichlids are considered to be a bit aggressive, do not crowd them in a tank that is too small. It is recommended that you work with a 30-gallon tank at a minimum for fish of this size, and you should only plan for up to four fish in the habitat. Line the bottom with about three inches of a quality substrate, ideally, as well as a fair amount of rocks for the fish to swim and hover near.

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