Red Top Hongi

Labidochromis sp. “Hongi”

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The Labidochromis sp. Red Top Hongi is a species of Mbuna from Hongi Island which is characterized by a pale blue body and striking yellow and orange accents along the dorsal fin. Members of this variety also feature dark bars of color that run vertically down their bodies. Males typically reach 6″. Females tend to be slightly smaller.

These fish are unique because they display colors according to mood. In fact, a change in mood can trigger an instant change in color. We suggest feeding Red Top Hongi vegetable based foods like our spirulina flakes to get them to display the most vibrant colors

The fact that the Labidochromis sp. Red Top Hongi is mildly aggressive should be kept in mind when choosing potential aquarium companions. A favorable equation for peaceful coexistence in your aquarium is one male for every two or more females. Other compatible species are Electric Yellow Labs and Yellow Tail Acei.

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