Electric Yellow (Labidochromis caeruleus) Cichlid Tank Requirements and Care

Electric Yellow (Labidochromis caeruleus) Cichlid Tank Requirements and Care

The electric yellow cichlid is one of the most popular freshwater fish among aquarium hobbyists. Its scientific name is Labidochromis caeruleus, and is also known as yellow prince, blue streak hap, yellow lab cichlid, or the lemon yellow lab. The fish’s color has an intense yellow with blue iridescences highlights.

Its primary origin is Lake Malawi’s western coastal areas in East Africa. One of the main reasons for the electric yellow cichlid’s popularity is its attractive appearance and ease of care. A significant portion of the yellow lab cichlid care procedure involves meeting the right tank requirement. Below is a simple guide to help you determine the best care process and tank size for your fish.

How Big do Electric Yellow Cichlids Get

The electric yellow cichlid is one of the smaller African cichlid species. It can grow to a size of between 3 to 5 inches. The male’s electric yellow cichlid size is larger than the female’s. In the wild, both the male and female electric yellow cichlid are usually smaller than in the aquarium.

Are Electric Yellow Cichlids Aggressive

The electric yellow lab cichlid is one of the easiest fish you can keep. It has peaceful nature but with territorial tendencies. The territorial traits can make your fish aggressive if placed in an overcrowded aquarium.

Also, the cichlid can be aggressive if placed in the same tank with a dominant species. Therefore, ensure that you do not overcrowd your aquarium. Overcrowding can lead to aggressiveness, especially by males.

How do You Tell the Difference Between a Male and Female Electric Yellow Cichlid

The electric yellow cichlid is a stunning fish. However, telling the difference between males and females can be challenging. Here are a few ways you can tell the difference between a male and female electric yellow cichlid:


Both male and female yellow lab cichlids have stock and elongated bodies. The fish has black stripes along its dorsal fin, which will darken as it matures. However, the male yellow cichlids have ventral fins and black annals, which the female do not.

Also, the dominant electric yellow lab cichlids have scales that appear almost goldish and have a brighter yellow color than the female. In addition, the male may have light spots on the fins, which are not present in females.


The male and female electric yellow cichlid size also differ. The male is larger than the female. Male yellow lab cichlids can grow up to 5 inches, while female grows up to 3 inches in length.


The female yellow lab cichlid is a mouthbrooder. It means that the female will carry eggs in the mouth for about three weeks. During that period, the fish will not eat anything. However, the male will continue to eat.


The male and female yellow cichlid are nonaggressive when they have ample space in their tanks. However, the females tend to be more protective if they carry eggs, while the males are more aggressive when searching for mates. Also, in an overcrowded tank, the male is more aggressive than the female.

What do Electric Yellow Cichlids Eat

The electric yellow lab cichlids are omnivorous. They will consume small invertebrates such as snails and crustaceans in the wild. However, the fish can consume anything in the aquarium, though it is always good to provide them with live or frozen foods.

In addition, note that meat-based foods are vital for their breeding and growth process, but too much protein is not suitable as it can cause Malawi bloat. Therefore, balance the feeds between animal and plant diets for a healthy electric yellow cichlid.

You can provide your fish with algae tablets and freshly blanched vegetables. Other foods you can consider giving your fish include blood worms, mysids, dried shrimp, and high-quality flake foods.

If you give your yellow lab cichlid bloodworms and shrimps, ensure they are dead or dried. Also, give your fish vitamins and supplements like Carotene. The supplements will facilitate healthy growth. For feeding, give your electric yellow cichlid small food portions throughout the day instead of one large serving.

What Size Tank for Electric Yellow Cichlids

The electric yellow cichlid tank size is the basic requirement for good care. The yellow lab cichlids are nonaggressive, making them excellent fish for beginners. Most experts recommend that the best tank size is about 40-50 gallons.

Keep in mind that the electric yellow cichlid is very territorial and can get aggressive when placed in an overcrowded tank. Therefore, to prevent aggression, go for a larger tank if you want to keep more than two yellow cichlids.

In the tanks, make sure to have plenty of rocks. The rocks will provide good hiding spots for your fish. Also, ensure you have fresh water with temperatures between 74ºF and 84ºF. The pH should be 7.2 and 8.8

What are Good Electric Yellow Cichlid Tank Mates

A full-grown electric yellow cichlid can survive in a community tank if there are suitable tank mates. However, the males can be aggressive if you place them in the same tank as other dominant species, especially those with the same color and physique.

Examples of incompatible electric yellow cichlid tank mates include tetras, tiger barbs, blue acara, snails, crabs, shrimps, and angelfish. Some of the most compatible tank mates for electric yellow cichlid include:

When getting tank mates for your electric yellow cichlids, remember to consider the number of mates to include. The yellow cichlids are very space conscious, so do not include more fish than necessary.

Summing it Up

The electric yellow cichlid is ideal for both experienced and beginner hobbyists. As you can see, the care process is relatively easy. You only need to provide the right tank size and a balanced diet for healthy fish.

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