Blue Dolphin Cichlid

Cyrtocara Moorii

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General Information & Care

The Blue Dolphin Cichlid is a beautiful fish that ranges in color from silvery-blue to turquoise. It typically has six vertical stripes that are not always easily visible, and the male fish are usually a brighter blue compared to females. The natural habitat of these fish is Lake Malawi in Africa, which is a sandy area. They can be a beautiful addition to a fish tank.

Additional Information & Care

If you are considering adding a blue dolphin cichlid to your fish tank, here is what you should know:

Size (full-grown): Approximately 8″ (can exceed 12″), but is slow-growing

Disposition: Non-aggressive

Tank habitat: Rock caves to provide hiding places and “territory”; can include driftwood/sturdy plants.

Tank-mates: Other non-aggressive, African cichlids

Water: pH value between 7.0 and 8.8; temperature between 72 and 84 Fahrenheit; hardness between 10 and 18 DH

Diet: Can adapt to a variety, including pellets, flakes, freeze-dried foods, water bugs, brine shrimp, and small crustaceans

If you keep multiple blue dolphin cichlids in a tank, it is recommended to keep more females than males. These fish will form a school, and by including more females than males it will reduce stress when spawning. Blue dolphin cichlids will search for or dig a flat area for laying eggs, which are then fertilized. After fertilization, the female fish incubates the eggs in her mouth for approximately three or four weeks.

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