Ahli Electric Blue

Sciaenochromis Fryeri “Maleri Island”

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The Sciaenochromis ahli is usually more recognized by the name Electric Blue Ahli and is a Hap cichlid native to the waters of Lake Malawi.  This striking blue hap can be found off Maleri Island within Lake Malawi.

Sciaenochromis are a carnivorous species, so they will do best on a protein based diet. Our larger Ahli will get Hikari pellets, while our smaller ahli get beef heart flakes.

General Information & Care

This cichlid prefers rockier waters and are not hard to keep, but do keep in mind they are a true piscivore, meaning they will try and eat any smaller fish they can fit into their mouths. In the wild they will lie in wait near the bottom for smaller fish, usually Mbuna, to feed on. While Electric Blue Ahli in captivity thrive on a diet of fish food, in the wild, this species will hunt smaller fish in the vegetation and grasses of freshwater habitats.

Additional Information & Care

Some facts about the Electric Blue Ahli include these:

  • Size: Around 6” long, typically.
  • Habitat: Insignus cichlids originate from Lake Malawi, Africa.
  • Temperature: Warm water, from mid-70s to 80s, Fahrenheit. Water pH should range 7.5-8.4.
  • Pairings: Pair with Victorian Haps, Malawi Haps, Malawi Peacocks, and Synodontis- but choose males and be wary of size.
  • Diet: Like many cichlids, Insignus do well on a fish flake or pellet diet.

The Electric Blue Ahli tends to be compatible with other cichlids but remember that among the approximate 1,650 different types, this species of cichlid  is considered to be aggressive toward other fish. Be careful of pairing cichlids; a good rule of thumb for this species is to only add males to the tank and to be wary of the size. Some good tank mate suggestions for the Electric Blue Ahli include other cichlids like Yellow BengaRed Shoulder, and Mdoka White Lip.