Lethrinops Intermedius


The Lethrinops Intermedius, also known as Chisawasawa or Tramitichromis intermedius, is a peaceful Malawi cichlid exhibiting striking sexual dimorphism. Males flaunt vibrant hues of green, blue, and yellow with pink-tipped fins, while females remain more subdued in grey and brown for camouflage. This species thrives in shallow, warm waters and reaches up to six inches in length.

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Introduction: The Lethrinops Intermedius, native to the southern parts of Lake Malawi, is a remarkable cichlid species cherished for its understated elegance and harmonious demeanor, making it a favored choice for tranquil aquarium setups.

Physical Traits and Habitat: In the wild, these cichlids prefer shallow, sandy, and muddy biotopes where they display a fascinating color palette. Males develop vibrant colors as they mature, contrasting sharply with the more camouflaged females. Their habitat in Lake Malawi, characterized by sandy and muddy bottoms, influences their feeding habits and social behavior.

Aquarium Life: For aquarists, creating a habitat that mirrors the natural conditions of Lake Malawi is crucial. A sandy substrate with ample hiding spaces fashioned from rocks and crevices will allow these cichlids to express their natural behaviors. A minimum tank size of 160 liters is recommended to accommodate their territorial nature and provide sufficient swimming space.

Behavior and Compatibility: Despite their peaceful nature, Lethrinops Intermedius males can be territorial. They are best kept with other non-aggressive cichlids like Aulonocara or Copadichromis to prevent color loss due to stress. These fish thrive in a community setting with species that share similar environmental preferences.

Breeding and Care: Lethrinops Intermedius are maternal mouthbrooders, with females carrying eggs and fry in their mouths for several weeks. They require a varied diet that includes both vegetable and protein sources to maintain their health and vibrant colors.

Conclusion: Lethrinops Intermedius cichlids are a gem of Lake Malawi, offering aquarists a glimpse into the calm and beauty of the lake’s underwater life. Their serene nature and stunning appearance make them an excellent addition to any African cichlid aquarium.

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