Trout Cichlid

Champsochromis caeruleus "Itungi"

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This native of Lake Malawi displays a dazzling network of colors and gradients. The male is typically a shade of vibrant blue with a splash of fiery red at the anal fin. Their scales display mixes of red and orange. Females are silver with black lines. Males can reach 18″ in size while females can grow to 15″. Despite reaching a large size, this variety of fish is quite peaceful.

The Trout cichlid is infamous for being quite active, thus it is important to keep your aquarium clear of any sharp objects or jagged decorations that could potentially injure your fish. While a male can happily coexist with a number of females, it is important to increase tank size if you intend to house several males together. Other compatible species include less aggressive Haps like Red Fin Borleyi and Insignus

The Champsochromis caeruleus is piscivorous and should be fed a diet that inc

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