First we start with only the best strains of Discus imported from Germany. Then we acclimate the Discus into our geothermal freshwater hatchery with round the clock water changes. Slowly we take their temperature down to 80 degrees and acclimate these Discus to harder water. We then feed them hatched live brine shrimp daily along with a mix of blood worms and other premium foods and after a while we condition them to accept our Plankton Gold Flake. For several weeks to several months we will grow these Discus in these conditions with a few other insider tricks of the trade and all to make them more “spunky” This special treatment results in the most hardy, healthy, active and colorful discus you have ever seen. Thus they are now called our “bullet proof” Discus!

  • Black Angelfish



    Size Male Female Unsexed
    Young adult