Orange Johanni

Melanochromis Johanni “Gome”

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Melanochromis Johanni “Gome” are found the shallow rocky areas of Masinje Rocks and Cape Ngombo. These are not to be confused with Electric Blue Johanni, which is a cross between the Johanni “Gome” and a Maingano, and are not native to the waters of Lake Malawi. At maturity, Johanni can reach between 4″ and 5″ in length. Females will be slightly smaller than males. This fish will do best with a sandy substrate with lots or rock work and caves to explore.

Due to their territorial nature, Johanni cichlids mix best with other Mbuna of similar size. In a species tank we recommend keeping more females than males to reduce aggression. Here we like to keep Johanni with Kenyi, Yellow Top Mbamba, or Poli

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