Eureka Red Jake

Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi Ottor Point

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General Information & Care

The Eureka Red Jake Peacock Cichlid is another Aulonocara species of cichlids. The males of the species feature a beautiful metallic blue face that extends to the tail, contrasted with splashes of metallic red along their back and behind the gills.  They are a striking and distinctive species that makes a beautiful addition to a home aquarium.

Eureka Red Jake Peacocks are less aggressive than other cichlids so they can be paired peacefully with other peacock cichlids. Be wary of dominant males and consider only one male in the tank at a time. These fish pair with the German Red Peacock and Blue Neon Peacock fine.

Additional Information & Care

Some addtional things to know about the Eureka Red Jake Peacock Cichlid species include:

  • Size: The average adult Eureka Red Jake Peacock Cichlid is around 7” long, typically. Females are smaller.
  • Habitat: The Aulonocara Eureka Red Jake Peacock is not native to Lake Malawi, but instead is strain of the Malawi Butterfly.
  • Temperature: The water in a home aquarium should have a pH level between 7.8 and 8.6 and the water temperature should range from 78- degrees F to 82- degrees F.
  • Diet: The Eureka Red Jake Peacock Cichlid is a carnivore that requires a high protein diet. Supplement high-quality flake or pellets with brine shrimp and blood worms.