Assassin Snail


Assassin Snail: Efficient Freshwater Pest Control
The Assassin Snail (Clea helena) is a striking addition to any freshwater aquarium, known for its black and yellow striped shell and ability to control pest snail populations. Ideal for tanks of 5 gallons or more, it thrives in pH 7.0-8.0 and temperatures of 70-80°F. Peaceful with fish and invertebrates, this snail is perfect for maintaining a balanced and clean aquarium. Supplement its diet with sinking pellets when pest snails are scarce. Add Assassin Snails for natural pest control and a unique visual element.

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Assassin Snail: The Efficient and Attractive Freshwater Snail
The Assassin Snail (Clea helena) is a unique and effective addition to any freshwater aquarium, renowned for its ability to control pest snail populations. With its striking black and yellow striped shell, this snail not only performs a vital role but also adds an interesting visual element to your tank.

Key Features:
Minimum Aquarium Size: 5 gallons
Temperament: Peaceful with tank mates, predatory towards pest snails
Water Conditions: Prefers pH 7.0-8.0, temperature range of 70-80°F
Ideal for Pest Control:
The Assassin Snail is highly valued for its ability to manage overpopulated snail infestations. It preys on nuisance snails, helping to keep your aquarium balanced and clean without the need for chemicals. Despite its predatory nature towards other snails, it is peaceful with fish and other non-snail tank mates.

Breeding Tips:
Assassin Snails are relatively easy to breed in captivity. They lay single eggs in hard-to-reach places, and the young snails will emerge in a few weeks. To encourage breeding, maintain stable water conditions and provide plenty of hiding spots.

Dietary Needs:
While Assassin Snails primarily feed on other snails, they can also consume leftover fish food, detritus, and other organic matter. Supplement their diet with sinking pellets or wafers to ensure they receive adequate nutrition when pest snails are scarce.

Compatible Tank Mates:
Assassin Snails are compatible with a wide range of peaceful fish and invertebrates. Avoid housing them with large, aggressive fish or other snail-eating species.

Aquarium Setup:
To create an ideal environment for Assassin Snails, provide a well-planted tank with a soft, sandy substrate. Include hiding places such as rocks, driftwood, and decorative ornaments. Regular water changes and a stable environment will keep your Assassin Snails healthy and active.

Efficient and Attractive Addition:
Add Assassin Snails to your aquarium for efficient pest control and an attractive visual element. These snails are a natural solution to managing unwanted snail populations while coexisting peacefully with other tank inhabitants.

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