Banded Burmese Algae Eater


The Banded Burmese Algae Eater (Crossocheilus reticulatus) excels in natural algae removal, making it an essential addition to any freshwater aquarium. Its peaceful nature and striking appearance enhance both the beauty and health of aquatic environments.

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Discover the Banded Burmese Algae Eater: Nature’s Efficient Algae Manager

Introduction At, we are pleased to offer the Banded Burmese Algae Eater (Crossocheilus reticulatus), a remarkable species known for its natural algae control abilities. This guide provides an in-depth look at their care, diet, and habitat requirements, combining our expertise with scientific insights.

Taxonomy and Natural Habitat The Banded Burmese Algae Eater belongs to the family Cyprinidae and is native to the freshwater rivers of Myanmar. These fish prefer habitats with moderate to fast flowing water, rich in oxygen and vegetation. Understanding their natural environment helps aquarists replicate these conditions for optimal health.

Physical Characteristics This species is distinguished by its elongated body and distinctive dark horizontal stripe running from snout to tail. Typically reaching up to 6 inches in captivity, their size and active nature make them suitable for medium to large tanks.

Aquarium Setup Optimal aquarium care for the Banded Burmese Algae Eater includes a tank of at least 30 gallons with plenty of space for swimming. We recommend a setup that includes varied water flows and plenty of natural plants, as these features mimic their natural river environments. Stability in water parameters, particularly pH and temperature, is crucial to maintain their health.

Dietary Needs Primarily herbivorous, the Banded Burmese Algae Eater thrives on a diet rich in algae. However, to ensure a balanced diet, supplement with high-quality plant-based foods, such as spirulina tablets and blanched vegetables. Occasional protein sources like brine shrimp can be offered sparingly.

Behavior and Compatibility Known for their peaceful nature, these algae eaters are excellent community tank mates. They are best kept with other non-aggressive species. Care should be taken when housing them with other bottom dwellers, as they can be territorial over feeding areas.

Breeding Insights Breeding Banded Burmese Algae Eaters in captivity can be challenging and is not commonly reported. Our facilities focus on maintaining their well-being, ensuring each individual is robust and healthy before they reach your aquarium.

Conservation and Ethical Sourcing At, we prioritize sustainable and ethical sourcing of all our fish. The Banded Burmese Algae Eater is no exception, and we support efforts to study and protect their populations in the wild.

Conclusion The Banded Burmese Algae Eater is more than just an aquarium inhabitant; it’s a testament to the beauty and diversity of aquatic life. By choosing, you’re not only receiving a fish, you’re gaining a piece of an ecosystem, responsibly sourced and provided with the care it deserves.