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The Cynotilapia Afra “Cobue”, inhabiting the deep to intermediate waters of Cobue near Mozambique, is a striking and mildly aggressive cichlid. Known for its omnivorous diet, this species thrives on a balanced intake of Plankton Gold and spirulina, making it a vibrant addition to any suitable cichlid community tank.

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Native to the unique underwater landscapes of Cobue just off the coast of Mozambique, the Cynotilapia Afra “Cobue” showcases a distinctive blend of adaptability and beauty. This cichlid, residing in both deep and intermediate water zones, requires an environment rich in hiding spots to emulate its natural habitat. Reaching a moderate size, the Afra Cobue is an omnivorous feeder, preferring a diet rich in plankton and algae supplements, which help maintain its color and vitality.

Despite its mild aggression, the Afra Cobue can coexist with similarly tempered species such as the Electric Yellow and Acei, promoting a dynamic yet harmonious aquarium setting. These cichlids benefit from a tank setup that mirrors the rocky substrates of Lake Malawi, with ample spaces for establishing territories without significant conflict. Regular monitoring and proper feeding are crucial to prevent over-aggression and ensure the health of the community.

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