Buffalo Head Cichlid

Steatocranus sasuarius

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The Buffalo Head Cichlid is also known as the Lionhead or Blockhead Cichlid, and originates within the Congo River basin, Africa. They inhabit the swift waters of the Congo River and have developed a very “jerky” style of swimming which is similar to a goby. The Buffalo Head is a peaceful cichlid that will attain a maximum size of about 4 inches. They are camouflaged in black, blue, gray and tan colors and the male of this species will attain a large hump on the head with age.

The ideal setup for the Buffalo Head Cichlid is an aquarium of at least 30 gallons with plenty of rocks for territories and a medium-sized gravel planted with hardy plants. They will thrive in a wide range of pH, with a neutral pH of 7.0 being ideal. The Buffalo Head Cichlids are generally a passive fish if given plenty of space for territories and for breeding.

It is best when trying to breed the Buffalo Head Cichlid to incorporate 3 or 4 individuals into an aquarium with plenty of rocks and water current. In time, a pair will fo

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