Venustus Cichlid


Venustus Cichlid


Nimbochromis Sp. Venustus

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General Information & Care

Nicknamed ‘Giraffe Cichlid’ for its distinctive gold patches that tend to resemble the markings of a giraffe, the Venustus Cichlid is a fascinating fish to watch and relatively easy to care for with some fundamental insight. Make sure to provide this breed with plenty of room in its tank, as this is a large freshwater fish who prefers not to be crowded with ample space to swim.

Additional Information & Care

Some other things to know about taking care of a Giraffe Cichlid include the following facts:

Size: Around 10” long, typically.

Habitat: Giraffe Cichlid originates from Lake Malawi, Africa.

Temperature: Warm water, from mid-70s to 80s, Fahrenheit.

Pairings: Pair with Victorian Haps, Malawi Haps, Malawi Peacocks, Cuckoo Catfish and Plecos- but avoid pairing with Mbunas.

Diet: Venustus cichlids do well on a fish flake or pellet diet.

Venustus cichlids are considered a mildly aggressive breed of fish, especially when it comes to males of the same species. This fish hunts smaller fish in the wild by laying very still- on its side- until the opportunity arises to swallow the smaller fish prey. For this reason, use care and be wary not to put smaller cichlids of any kind in with a Giraffe cichlid.

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