Msobo Magunga Cichlid

Metriaclima sp. msobo sp. deep

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The Msobo Magunga is a cichlid species that is native to the Tanzanian coastal waters between Cape Kaiser and Lundu. These particular Msobo come from the shallow rocky areas of Magunga. Females feature bright yellow and orange colors while the males of this species are light blue with black or blue patterns. They can grow as long as 4″ to 4 1/2″, although females grow to be slightly smaller than males.

Msobo Magunga are an herbivorous species that will benefit from a plant heavy diet of spirulina and blanched greens like spinach.

This species is a beautiful dimorphic cichlid. The males will become a nice dark blue while the females will remain a vibrant orange/yellow color. Msobo are generally quiet and docile, although males may spar with each other if too many of them are kept in one tank. It is better to have an equal number of both male and female, or even more female Msobo Magunga than males in a single aquarium. Msobo Magun

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