Frontosa Cichlid

Cyphotilapia frontosa “Brundi”

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The Frontosa Cichlid is one of the more popular and larger African Cichlids and grows to be 12 to 14 inches with some getting as large as 16 inches. Our selection of Frontosa feature a white or pale blue body with six and maybe seven vertical stripes. As these fish age, their fins become longer and more elaborate and the blue tint is more visible. The most noticeable feature of these fish is the frontal hump over the eyes. This grows more prominent as the fish matures and is usually more visible in males. These fish are less aggressive than some Cichlids and are more tolerant of other fish.

Habitat and Tank Requirements

The Cyphotilapia frontosa exhibits some of the same territorial behavior of other Cichlids, but making sure the tank has lots of rocky areas, caves, and hiding places will make it easier for the fish to get a long. Because of the size of the fish, a one hundred and fifty gallon tank is recommended they should be kept in groups of

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