Tangerine Tiger Cichlid

.Protomelas taeniolatus (Likoma Is.)

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General Information & Care

The Protomelas taeniolatus or Tangerine Tiger is one of the larger species of Haplochromis from Lake Malawi, and it is native to the area around Likoma Island. In some rare cases, males can actually achieve a length of 12″, but is far more likely for them to attain a length of eight or nine inches in an aquarium. These fish are very popular with aquarium owners because of their dazzling colors. Males typically have blue heads, with red/orange dorsal fins, and yellow bodies which feature vertical black stripes.

Additional Information & Care

Size: 8″ or 9″

Disposition: Semi-aggressive

Tank habitat: include rock caves to provide hiding places and “territory”; can include driftwood/sturdy plants, as well

Good tank-mates: other non-aggressive, small African cichlids

Water: Temerature from 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit, pH between 7.8 and 8.6

Diet: as a herbivore, this fish prefers foods which contain significant amounts of vegetable matter; the healthiest diet for this fish will contain pellets and flakes which are rich in spirulina

When this fish is maintained in a home aquarium, the aquarium should have plenty of sand or fine gravel, and there should be some rocks included, so the fish can hide when necessary or to claim territory from other fish in the environment. The water can be conditioned ideally for these fish by including some Cichlid Lake Salt.