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Experience the allure of the Red Chili Crayfish (Cherax boesemani), a rare gem from West Papua’s freshwater streams, now available in our online aquarium store.

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Introducing the Red Chili Crayfish Dive into the exotic world of the Red Chili Crayfish (Cherax boesemani), a striking variant of the Supernova Crayfish. Native to the freshwater streams of West Papua New Guinea, this crayfish features intense shades of hot pink and burgundy, making it a visual standout in any aquarium setting. If you’re looking to buy Red Chili Crayfish online, our store offers vibrant specimens that are sure to enhance the beauty of your aquarium.

Vibrant and Hardy Commonly known as the Red Brick Freshwater Lobster, the Red Chili Crayfish exhibits a color palette as vivid as it is unique. Despite its nickname, this crayfish surpasses other crayfish in quality, thanks to its exceptional coloration and robust health. It’s the perfect opportunity to buy Red Chili Crayfish online and witness their stunning beauty firsthand.

Active and Engaging This engaging crayfish spends much of its time exploring and scavenging, adding a dynamic presence to your tank. It thrives on a varied diet, although it is known to consume ornamental plants, requiring careful tank planning and management.

Breeding and Community The Red Chili Crayfish becomes territorial as it matures, particularly during breeding season. It’s easy to breed in captivity, though the fry grow slowly. When keeping multiple crayfish, ensure plenty of hiding spots to prevent aggression.

Tank Recommendations A minimum of a 30-gallon tank is recommended for a single adult, with larger tanks needed for multiple specimens. This crayfish can coexist with fast-swimming fish but should not be housed with other bottom-dwellers. Find other similar items located in our invertebrates category.

After Molting Care Our crayfish may change color or hide after molting, which is normal. Bright colors will return within two weeks, ensuring your crayfish remains a centerpiece in your aquarium.

Add a Splash of Color Choose the Red Chili Crayfish to add not just a pet, but a captivating centerpiece to your aquarium. Explore our selection and buy Red Chili Crayfish online today to elevate your aquatic collection.

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