Agassizii Double Red

Apistogramma agassizii

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This striking fish can be found throughout the basins in the Amazon River in the slower moving bodies of water.

To keep these fish happy you will want to mimic what they would receive in the wild. They like slower moving water with a lower pH. A sandy substrate with wood and roots that provide caves and hiding places will help these fish feel right at home.

In the wild Apistogramma like to eat inverts, but these tank raised fish will gladly accept flake foods and frozen based foods like brine shrimp. Here they receive our Beef heart flake.

If you get a pair, they will lay eggs around the crevices of your decor when they are breeding. The female will take care of the eggs and fry, the male may need to be removed at this time as the female can get hyper-aggressive defending the fry.

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